Thursday, August 06, 2015

“The Little House that fought demolition.” So excited and proud of my very good friend +Amyn Nasser This fine art piece is part of his body of work capturing Downtown Vancouver at night, called Voyeur Nocturne. This particular piece is the essence of the constant change and growth Vancouver continues to experience as more high rises are built. Amyn’s work captured Vancouver in a moment in time over 10 months in 2009. Six pieces from the Voyeur Nocturne body of work are on display with a number of +LUMAS Galleries around the world. The Little House that fought demolition has been very popular and a number of private collectors now hold it as part of their private collection. Amyn has a passion for sharing the beauty of this world as he sees it. Proud of him for overcoming huge challenges over the last few years. #Nasser #amynnasser #voyeurnocture #lumas #vancouver #fineart #alwaysbelieve

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