Friday, March 20, 2015

Kiss Kiss Shoot Shoot news | Herb Ritts Exhibit At MFA Boston Goes Beyond Photography via Fashion Times

(Photo : © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston debuted its latest Herb Ritts exhibit on Saturday, which takes a look at the photographer's entire career and goes beyond his photographs to also include music videos and commercials.
"Herb Ritts" does include some pieces from the Museum's 1996 retrospective on Ritts, "Herb Ritts: WORK," which remains one of the most highly attended exhibitions in the Museum's history.
This latest Herb Ritts exhibit includes newly gifted photos from the Herb Ritts Foundation and silently playing music videos from Madonna's 1989 "Cherish" and Chris Isaak's 1991 "Wicked Game" and commercials for Calvin Klein Escape, Donna Karan and Chanel, among others.
On the importance of adding the music videos and the commercials to the photogrpahy selection, Leighton shared with us they "weren't included in the first exhibit" and wanted to cover what "was missing from the last years of his life."
On why the Museum decided to play the music videos and commercials silently, Leighton added, "We wanted the focus to be on Herb's work and not the music."
To experience for yourself the power of Herb Ritts, "Herb Ritts" is on view at MFA Boston until November 8, 2015.