Tuesday, September 15, 2009

0409 Recently published - Germany, Netherlands, Italy, USA

Selena in the Cowgirl hat - photographed in Vegas on a sunny bright day. Mixed lighting with the backlight coming through as she moves quickly, what a gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes. With the Metz 76 MZ 5 high power flash that has a nice even coverage across the full frame and recharges very fast, the balance in light is exceptional with the correct sensor for the Metz. It reads it very quickly by first doing a pre-flash.

Again here, with the fast change in expressions the Metz 76 MZ 5 is SUPERB in configuring the well balanced mix in lighting. The wide coverage means that the image is well lit edge to edge and allows me to focus my attention only on the subjects, their movement and expressions and where I'd like to crop.

Similar to the above images - this image as in the Cowgirl hat above with the mix in lighting. This session had a lot of very fast composition and movement. Nothing was posed and the fire rate was very high. The sequence of movement is what interests me rather than having to focus my attention on gear and gear and gear!

For most of my outdoors work I use a flash but have found that the recycle rate has to be quick. The Metz 76 MZ 5 with the external power packs cuts the recycle time down to almost immediate. Yes, sometimes the flash head fan will come on (actually often in my case as I am rapid firing) and with the Nikon SB 800 I also tend to use a Quantum Turbo Pack.

Gorgeous Lovers! Shot in very little time in Florida where I had them express their feelings for each other - yes! they were a couple! Soft external flash mixed into a shade light situation. I love the softness and sensuality of her lips. They are full and expectantly waiting for that passionate kiss!

All published in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and USA.