Friday, May 01, 2009

Published: Italy & Germany + Metz Flash

Under the hot Vegas sun, contrejour lighting conditions, as she moves quickly from one expression to another, me firing away with a Nikon and the Metz 76 MZ 5 digital flash blasting away can hear the fan come on and the flash heat up. I had to balance the light correctly to have a file that would present no problems later...some 1400 images in 2 days with 18 different sets. Strikingly beautiful, serene yet sexy! Fabulous "S"...the name's always a mystery.

Published - Maxim Germany

Image Licensing:
Corbis Images http://J.MP/nsr-corbis
Amyn Nasser Studios http://J.MP/nsr-licensing

Metz 76 MZ 5 digital flash - it's fast, accurate, and reliable. I've done countless of shoots without having to worry about the light not sychronizing or being accurately balanced. It's a flash unit that goes with me everywhere along with the 3 P76 external battery packs, and 4 recharable batteries that go in the handle. It's absolutely BANG ON!
More information at Manfrotto Distribution USA