Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Finally! I’ve been so busy going from one shoot to another, edits, deadlines, submissions. Here we have it after staying focused, we’ve launched a refreshed www.amynnasser.com last week and have ironed out some small bleeps. More content will be added as will some of my commercial productions. The blog I had over at Lexar’s website http://www.lexar.com/dp/pro_photo/anassar.html will be reposted at some point here as Lexar has done away with photographers blogs.

It’s quite a trip to be starting with a clean white page. A white page, clean and crisp. Space. White Space. It’s interesting how we use space to create. We create our lives through space. White space is neat. IT allows you to start from scratch, and put whatever you wish on it. You Create your thoughts, your ideas and you have to inspire yourself to take the picture or paint the picture you want. You are the director of your film. There’s no before and no after. It’s just White!

There’s an interesting picture I had come across some time back when in Paris. It was a picture of Picasso in an empty old room with white window light coming through. A Horizontal. At one end of this white space that was taken in Black & White was Picasso on the far left, in his boxers, socks up to his knees as I recall, the room empty but it had a feeling of being full, a purpose, a magical feeling, and at the far right two business men in suits all done up waiting, and waiting patiently, looking intently at the master creator who was on the phone, an old phone, a black phone with a black cable, the kind that felt solid in your hand, with expressions that were priceless that described they were here for the master or perhaps they were there to fill the space. The picture spoke a thousand words but perhaps more importantly the thousand words of the life we create, what we create, how we create which is all in our own hands only if we always remember that the White Space is always there as a point to start from at any time. Of course the clarity of mind helps.

So where do the these images come from in our minds that we see in the viewfinder and then capture…where do they come from, where do they go? In a moment it’s zipped by, gone! Like little life creations…do you suppose that they live long after we can no longer “see” them in our perspective. Worlds within worlds. It’s the photographer's magic - the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and color.

It’ll be interesting to see how this blog forms along with my juxtaposed thinking going from spirituality to creating to pictures to space.