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The #Art Market: The beginning of a new world order for sales? - via @FT

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I Love You To Death

Beautifully done. 18 Seconds! Wow!

Photographed decaying flower time-lapse for A&E’s 1hr drama, “I Love You To Death”. Copyright 2013 | John Duarte

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RaucherEcke - Gekko

Superb! Kook Traks!! Euro Sonica!

Raucherecke "Malibu" 8tracks exclusive preview from 200records on 8tracks Radio.

Published August 31, 2012 Cologne's heroes Raucherecke are giving you an exclusive preview on their next release "Malibu", coming up October 1st: Gekko & Red Rubin (8tracks preview exclusive) are taken from the EP "Malibu" (200 Records 020). The tracks are combined with some other tracks, which are influencing Raucherecke most at the moment. Furthermore you can download "Gekko" for free on the 200 Records Soundcloud Page: Raucherecke: 200 Records:

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HommeMystere China Doll Lingerie for Men



Words and mixtape by David Tinning The Tanzania Heritage Project is an NGO dedicated to preserving and celebrating the musical heritage of Tanzania, with a particular focus on the archive of Radio Tanzania – the former state-controlled station that ruled the airwaves for 30 years after independence. The archive holds an estimated 19,000 reel-to-reel tapes, at least half of which are made up of unique recordings of bands and musicians made in Radio Tanzania’s studio, and solely for broadcast on the now defunct station.

Much of this music is musiki wa dansi – literally “dance music” – a big-band style drawing influence from Congolese soukous and rhumba, while remaining definitively Tanzanian. Also known as zilipendwa (the loved ones), and Swahili jazz, dansi was incredibly popular un the 70s and 80s as an urban music style loved throughout the region.

Africa In Your Earbuds #42 is made up primarily of 7″ dansi vinyl found in a dusty store in Dar, released on Kenyan labels such as Saba Saba, Moto Moto, African, and one imprint (Kwetu) from Tanzania. A couple of Congolese tracks also feature, but on the whole, its focus is the sound of Dar in the 70s, and a good representation of what the Radio Tanzania archive holds. Dansi tracks often follow a similar structure – a slower, highly melodic vocal-based song at the start, then a faster, more danceable section for the second half — which is often split over 2 sides on these 7″ pressings. Where this is the case, I’ve generally opted for the second part of each track, as that’s my thing.

 -David Tinning

Stream and download AIYE #42: Radio Tanzania, mixed by Tanzania Heritage Project‘s David Tinning below. Big thanks to Underdog for the beautiful artwork.


1. JUMA KILAZA & ORCHESTRA TK- LUMPOPO NATIONAL 73 – Subi Subi No. II (Saba Saba Records, 1973) – Country : Tanzania
2. JAMHURI JAZZ BAND – Taifa Cup, (Philips, 1974) – Country : Tanzania
3. ORCHESTRE L’INTERNATIONAL AFRISA – Aon (African Records, 1973) Zaire
4. MBARAKA MWINSHEHE & ORCH. SUPER VOLCANO – Shida (FKW, 19??), Country : Tanzania
5. VIJANA JAZZ BAND – Koko Koko no 1 – (Moto Moto, 1975) Country : Tanzania
6. URAFIKI JAZZ BAND – Nakutafuta Sikuoni (Kwetu, 1976) Country : Tanzania
7. AFRO 70 BAND – Kwa Vile Nakupenda – Country : Tanzania
8. SIMARRO MASSIYA – Maya Ozali Coupable Ya Misere Na Ngai – (ASL 1985) Country : Zaire 9. VIJANA JAZZ BAND – Miaka Mingi (Moto Moto 1975) Country : Tanzania
10. MSONDO NGOMA – Viva a Frelimo (pt 2 ) (Kwetu 1976), Country : Tanzania
11. JAMHURI JAZZ BAND – Mganga, (Philips, 1973) – Country : Tanzania
12. VIJANA JAZZ BAND – Urijani Mwema (Moto Moto 1975) Tanzania